(((Side Chick)))) or Nah?

New York, NY | August 18, 2016

Side chicks
So you’ve heard of the story guy meets girl, girl falls in love then wedding bells. Well let me stop you there, with this new millennial love, side chicks are a thing of the norm. Now and days, maintaining a monogamous relationship is almost nonexistent down to where both men and women competing for the win. According to the historic rule book of men the “Black Book”, side chicks are meant to serve one purpose, fulfill the desires of one’s fantasies at no cost and or consequence. As a side chick, she who dares to be of disservice will be replaced, replenished and swapped for the next side chick at any time. Side chicks are obedient, and grateful and understands her role and any circumstances of the relationship, Friendship or what I call “Friendership”. When a female takes on the role of a side chick, she looses the ability to question, inquire or inform her secret partner’s where about’s or even the status of their relationship. Since the early 2000’s social media has mad cheating accessible and easier to do . Like the Hip Hop artist Yo Gotti said “ I goes down in the DM”. Sex expert Shannon Boody explains:

Advice for both Men and Women:
1. Guys: If you are currently having relationship issues, fix it or leave it prior to engaging in a sexual relationship with another person.
2. Ladies: Try to get to know your guy before you allow him to interact into your personal life. (Having Sex)…
3. Guys: If you want to play, play with the intention that you are engaging in an open relationship and be sure to let your partner know where you stand.
4. Ladies: If you take the role of a side chick just be aware that the relationship may not go further than what it is, and if you do become the main chic your old position has been replaced. (Sorry)
5. Guys: Take care of home, why give the main chick a reason to suspect that you’re cheating. DON’T BE SLOPPY!
6. Ladies: Become a nun, therefore you won’t worry about some guy doing you dirty. Lol.
So the question remains, are women losing in the game or nah? What do you think, submit your thoughts below.

—By Alexandra. J

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