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NEW YORK, NY | August 18, 2016
“Love Over Hate” EP Soundcloud:
 Jahna Sebastian aka the alchemist of sound is a multi-talented recording artist based in London. Ms. Sebastian sings writes, produces and engineers all her own music. Ms. Sebastian draws from many different genres of music, fusing these influences into a unique sound.
Ms. Sebastian has released her highly anticipated EP, “ Love Over Hate”. The cover is designed by Ayse Cemal from a picture by Maurice Sparrow . “Love Over Hate”  is a part of a trilogy to her previously released EP’s “The Edge of Love” and “I Am Free”.  The EP was all written, recorded, produced, arranged and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at her studio Multivizion Music. Ms. Sebastian shot two music videos for the EP. “Love Over Hate” and “Us” which were both directed and edited by Kevin Hudson, whom she has collaborated on six other videos (“The Edge of Love”, “Desert”, “Poison”, “One Day”, “I Am Free” and “One and a Million“) with the Lost Enemy. 
“Us” is about a union of two people, who are lovers and partners helping each other and building a strong foundation on a journey into the future. The concept of ‘Us’ is based off a relationship between two people who are equals achieving success together where no one is a weak link, both are a great match and their love helps both of them grow. The wardrobe for the “Us” music video was provided by Anar London. The wardrobe consiting of beautiful white and black gowns that framed her petite frame.
“Love Over Hate” was written after she was online on Facebook and saw her timeline flooded with loud headlines about war zones, conflicts and horrific pictures of broken empty homes and lost lives, as well as post with people arguing about who is right and who is wrong. She couldn’t get those images out of her head so she decided to put the pen to the paper and write a song about it.
Music has always played an important role in Ms. Sebastians life, she stated, “Music has saved and transformed my life so many times, that I wish it was somewhere in my passport next to my name. It is equal to my name for me. In hard times, in the loneliest moments, I would just sit down, start singing, making beats or listening to my favorite artists and next thing I would come out with a fresh point of view, with a feeling of a purpose in life. Music is so powerful, it has brought so many amazing people into my life, it is connected to the most significant events that have happened to me. Music is my story.”
When asked what makes her different from other artist she states, “One of the main things is that I am not only a singer-songwriter, I am a producer in the full sense of the word and production is still a men’s world, I love it. I love computers, studio gear, I get lost in that for many hours every day unless I am away performing. I make beats, I engineer, I create a song from scratch to finish and then I can make a whole music video out of it. I work on creative concepts to the T, I am completely in charge of my career and the vision I have. I direct the whole project and because of this, I have been able to work with so many diverse artists on their projects whether as a singer, producer or engineer, as it allows me to be more flexible and open minded.”

Artist Ainur Timergaliev drew Ms. Sebastian’s portrait which embodies who she is as a musician and it also features the musical notes from ‘Love Over Hate’,  which will be a video compilation of the process to music from the “Love Over Hate” EP.

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About Jahna Sebastian
Jahna Sebastian
 who was classically trained on piano and earned her degree in “Music Business” at the age of 20 at the prestigious Russian Academy of Music  is a multifaceted power house of talent. With her sultry vocals, captivating lyrics, hypnotic beats and exotic beauty she is a force to be reckon with. Not only is she an amazing singer and songwriter, she is an accomplished producer and engineer as well as the owner of a recording studio, Multivizion Music which since its inception has become the nucleus of Russian rap and grime scene in London. She has engineered and produced for many artist including the Russian rapper Oxxxymiron who was named Discovery of the Year at the Russian GQ awards.

Ms. Sebastian continues to pursue music while raising her daughter born in 2008 (whose father is American super producer Swizz Beatz) and for three years she had been mostly working behind the scenes juggling motherhood and work. After producing and engineering a few hundred songs for other artists, releasing her
“Emancipation EP” in 2009 and a few other songs independently, filming three music videos and acting in three short movies, a feature film “Reversed”release in 2012 and numerous commercials, she is focusing on her solo career and upcoming projects. She has an astonishing track record of hundreds of songs including recording entire album by Oxxxymiron “Vechniy Jid” which had been rated Best Rap Album of 2011 in Russia and nominated for Russian Urban Music Awards.

She has performed several shows with multi platinum UK band Kasabian, one of them was on MTV on Soundchain with Zane Lowe, on the main stage Pyramid at Glastonbury Festival, which has been broadcast on BBC and millions tuned in for, another being the historic show at Victoria Park in Leicester called “Summer Solstice” with 50,000 people attending.  The show was filmed and screened at cinemas and will be released on DVD soon. She also performed with Kasabian at the Alan Carrshow.  The sultry songstress also had the pleasure of headlining the Baltic Summer Festival. She is currently working on her upcoming album and collaborating with other artist on their projects.-KLPR Group, LLC

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